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Introducing ENGAGE from ENGAGE Leaders on Vimeo.



It’s you. Just because you may not think of yourself as a leader doesn’t mean you aren’t one. There is someone in your life looking to you for direction. ENGAGE is a network provided by Randall House to give you the opportunity to steward that influence well. From offering D6 resources to providing the highest quality ministry, mentoring, and training experiences, we want to be a community that walks this road with you.ENGAGE_newcolorsweb


The purpose of the ENGAGE Leadership Network is to connect current and future leaders through learning and community for ministry and life.


A major disfunction of any group, organization, or family is isolation. It is our goal to bring together leaders who can learn from one another and encourage others to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


ENGAGE will launch as a website with four main channels of influence: ENGAGE Kids, ENGAGE Students, E21 (Young Adult Leaders), and ENGAGE Leaders. Each channel will host content and provide opportunity for connection. Future possibilities include training, mentorship, and events.


ENGAGE and Randall House hold to generally accepted evangelical beliefs and specifically to the Statement of Faith adopted by the Free Will Baptist denomination. These are fully explained in our doctrinal statement.


4 Channels


Join with other leaders who strive to reach children with the message of the gospel and build in them the foundation of a lifelong faith.


Whether you’re a volunteer or a veteran student ministry leader, we want you to be a part of a group dedicated to seeing faith lived out in the lives of students all across the country.




You might feel stuck between adolescence and adulthood. You might feel ready to make a move but just don’t know how. You want to make a difference and connect with other believers like yourself. E21 is the place for you.


You are a leader! You may be the pastor of a church or a leader of a ministry. You may be the leader of a successful corporation or a struggling startup. You may be a single dreamer or a family stalwart. Either way, this channel is for you. Come discuss the qualities and definition of a true leader and learn how others are leading in their contexts around the world.