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ELN 008: Jim McComas

ELN 008: Jim McComas

We are privileged to have Jim McComas as our guest this week. Jim is the Director of Church Revitalization for North American Ministries. Following 21 years as pastor of Canaan Free Will Baptist Church in Creston, OH.

Notes from this show.
Tell us a little bit about how you came to be a Free Will Baptist. – 1:05
Tell us about the Norwayne Bobcats. – 2:47
What would you say to someone who looks at your ministry and would question spending that much time at sporting events. -5:42
What do you attribute your church growth to. – 8:54
What would be some suggestions to make sure the organization and administration of your church is where it needs to be. – 14:05
How do you know if a church needs revitalization. – 18:47
Do you always advocate for revitalization over replant? – 23:14
What would you say to lay leader who is interested in this revitalization conversation. – 27:00

Resources mentioned in this episode. 
Blog –
Twitter – @RevJRM
Website –


Listen to Jim’s ENGAGE Free Will Baptist Conversation

Tell us a little bit about how you came to be FWB. – 00:50
Why do you think it is important to be FWB and identify as FWB. 2:17
What do you think are some challenges we face denominations 3:45
You might give other people slack when you don’t give it to FWB – 5:00
What are some things we can do to turn the ship on denominational meetings for younger leaders. 9:00
If you could see FWB do one new thing what would that be. 10:36
What could you 11:00

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