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ELN 007: Allen Hood

ELN 007: Allen Hood

We are excited to have Allen Hood with us today from Rejoice Church in Owasso, OK. Allen is one of those guys who not only loves his church and his students, but he also cares deeply about ministries beyond the walls of his church. We also want to talk about  how a guy that wasn’t formally trained as a student pastor has grown into such a capable leader.  Allen and his wife Jordan have one son and have another on the way.

Notes from this show.
Talk us through your how you ended up at Rejoice Church – 1:25
What took you from civil engineering to student ministry? – 3:30
What  did you do to prepare yourself for a job you may not have been traditionally qualified for? – 6:57
Have you had some mentors come along side you as you have taken on this new role – 8:02
Are you mentoring relationships happen organically or do you seek those people out? – 9:15
What is a significant leadership hurdle that you have had to cross as you have gone through your first three years of ministry. – 11:36
Why is developing leadership and ownership your students so important to you? – 13:59
What have you seen as a results of emphasizing student leadership? – 16:06
How has his relationship with you senior pastor impacted you as a leader? – 18:07
What are some resources you have been reading or using recently that has really helped you? – 20:13
What is one practice you’ve implemented in the last year that has made you a better leader? – 23:00

Resources mentioned in this episode. 
Amazon – Mastering Life Before It’s Too Late – Rob Morgan
Amazon – Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy – Eric Metaxas
Amazon – The 360 Leader – John Maxwell
Twitter – @A_Walk422
Instagram – @hood42286
Twitter – @usm2819
Instagram – @usm2819

Listen to Allen’s ENGAGE Free Will Baptist Conversation

Tell us about your background with the FWB Denomination. – 00:39
Is it just heritage to be FWB or is something more? – 3:00
What are some things you see FWB doing that excite you? – 5:17
What are some challenges you see the FWB face? – 7:17
What is something new you would like us do as a movement? 9:52
Tell us about the project your church has adopted in Côte d’Ivoire? – 11:37
What is being a FWB mean to you? – 13:12

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