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ELN 006: Elizabeth Hodges

ELN 006: Elizabeth Hodges

We are privileged to sit down with Elizabeth Hodges the executive director of Women Nationally Active for Christ. We talk about connecting with the next generation of church leaders, leading through transition, and the importance of women’s ministries in the church.

Notes from this show. 

Can you tell us about what you with WNAC? – 1:05
When someone says “Women Nationally Active for Christ” what do you hope they think? – 1:33
Can you explain to our listeners what Moses and Jethro have to do with leading a national organization? – 2:18
What about being an educator has helped you in your current role? – 4:55
What tips would you five to a listener who is developing organization and communication skills? – 7:17
What do you use to track your connections with people? – 8:20
The mission of WNAC is to help women fulfill the great commission in their home, church, and community. How does the church do this with the ever changing demand on women? – 9:30
Why can multi generational be difficult to execute? What are some ways you have seen it done well? – 14:25
Can you tell us some lessons you have learned during times of organizational transitions? – 17:36
You mentioned events earlier can you tell us about those conferences? – 21:20
What do you hope is being accomplished in the hearts of women you ministering to with WNAC – 25:00
What are some ways to practically support women and women’s ministry? – 26:04
What is one practice you’ve implemented in your life in the last year that has made you a better leader? – 27:13

Resources mentioned in this episode.

Listen to Elizabeth’s ENGAGE Free Will Baptist Conversation

How long have you been a Free Will Baptist? – 00:57
Did you ever consider leaving? What has kept you around? – 1:13
Why should people who are FWB should care about being FWB? – 2:38
Why is so easy for people to jump in and out of a denomination? – 3:50
What is a challenge of being FWB and something we can take head on? – 6:25
If Free Will Baptists could do one new thing, what would you like that thing to be? – 10:0
How can we foster cooperation from a local church or denominationally? – 12:16
What does being a Free Will Baptist mean to you? – 14:58

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  1. Listened! Elizabeth is such a gracious lady who knows how to get things done!

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