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ELN 004: Casey Cariker

ELN 004: Casey Cariker

We talked this week with Casey Cariker about casting vision, investing in other leaders and the role of Rejoice in their community and around the world. Casey is the lead pastor of Rejoice Free Will Baptist Church in Owasso, OK. He is also husband of Andrea and father to four children.

Notes from this show. 
How valuable has it been for you to minister in the same area for most of your ministry? – 1:15
What kind of advantage is it for you to have been at Rejoice the last 17 years? – 3:18
What are some qualities that have allowed for your longevity? – 4:50
What does casting vision look like in your setting? – 8:25
How do you manage the best vision to follow? – 12:48
How important is it for you to invest in leaders outside Rejoice? – 15:42
Is it something you schedule or just when you think about it? – 18:47
Can you share what is going on with Rejoice Christian School? – 21:23
How would you encourage someone to stay faithful to a ministry God laid on their heart? – 26:18
What is one practice you have implemented this past year that has made you a better leader? – 28:35

 Resources mentioned in this episode. 
Amazon – Church Unique by Will Mancini

Listen to Casey’s ENGAGE Free Will Baptist Conversation

How long have you been a Free Will Baptist? – 00:27
How has it been for your church as it connects with people and introduces them to Free Will Baptist for the first time? – 2:04
What can the denomination do to help as a denomination? – 4:23
What is one thing you wish we could do as a denomination? – 6:50
What does being a FWB mean to you? – 15:15

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