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ELN 003: Jon Forrest

ELN 003: Jon Forrest

Jon Forrest is the Youth Pastor at Bethel Free Will Baptist in Ashland City, TN. He also serves on the board of Pleasant View Christian School.

Notes from this show.
Tell us how you got involved in ministry and how you came to be at the church your are at now? – 1:13

What did upholstery teach you about ministry? – 1:36

What would you say the lesson is behind keeping your hands busy so your brain can work? – 2:31

Explain the role that Goodwill plays in your ministry. – 3:25

What are some other places you use to come up with ideas and illustrations that you use? – 6:38

What is your philosophy for ministry? – 7:43

How would you encourage someone who looks at you and your ministry and says I’m not able to do what Jon does? – 10:50

Talk us through the way you plan your student night? – 14:29

What are a couple of books that you have found that have helped your ministry? – 17:29

Are your lessons just based on what is on your heart? – 19:10

Is it better to be pre planner or to be more topical and jump around week to week. – 19:40

What is one easy game to take away from this conversation. 22:58

Resources Mentioned in this episode of the ENGAGE Podcast
Jon’s Blog
Amazon – If: Trading Your If Only Regrets for God’s What If Possibilities

Listen to Jon’s ENGAGE Free Will Baptist Conversation

How Long have you been FWB? 00:47

Was there ever a time when you questioned your faith and theology? 1:13

What does it mean to you to say I’m Free Will Baptist? 2:09

What comes to you mind when you think about being FWB? 3:53

What are some challenges we face as a Denomination? 5:10

What is something “new” that you would hope Free Will Baptists could do? 7:24

What does being a FWB mean to you? 9:07

Amazon– Why We Belong

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