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ELN 002: Eddie Moody

ELN 002: Eddie Moody

Dr. Edward Moody chairs the Department of Allied Professions at NC Central University. He is also pastor at Tippett’s Chapel in Clayton, NC. Dr. Moody has also authored several books most recently Ministering in a Changing Sexual Landscape.

Notes from this show. 

Do you consider yourself bi-vocational? – 1:01

What kind of advice can you give a pastor who shepherds his church and has a job outside of that? – 1:19

What do you think is the biggest hurdle to being a bi-vocational pastor? – 3:43

If you were to speak to a congregation who is having this bi-vocaitonal conversation. How would you lead them through the process? – 6:25

In this conversation about bi-vocational leadership do you think that increases the importance of roles like deacons? – 9:11

What would you say to someone who may feel like a second class pastor because they have to do bi-vocational ministry? – 12:45

How can those of us in parachurch ministries who are trying to help bi-vocational pastors? – 14:30

You mentioned time management can you give us a few tips you use to help manage time? – 16:40

How far out do you plan sermons and projects you work on? – 17:56

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Listen to Eddie’s ENGAGE Free Will Baptist Conversation

What is your background in the Free Will Baptist denomination? – 00:25

What kept you around as a Free Will Baptist? – 1:36

As you look at our denomination what are some of our challenges? – 5:53

What does being a Free Will Baptist mean to you? 9:38

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