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ELN 013: Sean Warren

ELN 013: Sean Warren

We had the opportunity this week to speak with Sean Warren. Sean serves as President of Relentless, Inc. in Tempe, AZ. Sean has served as International Missions Director for General Baptist Ministries and was a missionary to France with FWB International Missions. Sean lives with his family in Phoenix, AZ.

Give us a little recap of the last 5-6 years of your life. – 1:20
Why would you say storytelling is important for leadership? – 5:16
What would be the kind of story a church could tell? – 6:30
What is your approach to social media use? – 10:56
What advice would you give a church who is looking to leverage social media? – 16:22
What are the differences between managing a media company and missions agency? – 19:45
What are some tools/tips/tricks you have that help you with day to day? – 25:07
What is one story that has impacted you in the last year? – 27:19

Notes from this show. 
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Facebook: Sean Warren

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