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ELN 012: Neil Gilliland

ELN 012: Neil Gilliland

Neil Gilliland is the member care consultant with FWB International Missions and an adjunct professor for Welch College and Liberty University. He is also a Speaker, Counselor, on staff with E-TEAM, and Truth and Peace. Neil is an avid fan of the Ohio State University and bluegrass music. Neil is married to Sheila they have a daughter, son-in-law and grandson.

What keeps your most engaged these days? – 1:06
What are some ways you cultivate relationship? – 2:35
Why do you not always feel like a leader? 4:50
How has your background in psychology shaped your ministry? – 7:00
What is your advice to someone who calls asking for psychological help/advice? – 8:00
What do you attribute your relationship to students? – 10:05
How do we speak into students about calling and purpose? 12:52
What are some of the common denominator of students who have gone on to be leaders 15:12
Share with us about your time in Africa 17:57
Share some encouragement to ministry leaders out there who may have a hard time connecting. – 21:18
What is one practice your have implemented that has made you a better leader? – 24:28

Twitter: @Buckeyenink

Facebook: /Neil.Gilliland

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  1. Great insights from Neil!

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