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ELN 010: Joel Teague

ELN 010: Joel Teague

Joel Teague stopped by to talk about his ministry in France. Joel and his wife Lydie are finding innovative ways to engage young French people with their Jpense events. They have also started Jcrois as a way encourage and equip believers to share their faith with their community.

Notes from this show.

How has growing up in France shaped your ministry? – 2:05
Tell us about your transition into minister. – 3:00
Tell us about the people and culture you encounter in France. – 8:00
Have you heard about a similar transition away from the gospel in the US? – 10:40
Does the internet helped or hurt if someone is searching for the gospel in France? – 11:26
You started events called JCrois and JPense can you explain these events? – 12:16
What does breaking down barriers before sharing the Gospel look like? – 18:19
Talk to a pastor who encounters post Christian culture for the first time. – 19:55
Are there other strategies you have implemented that might help. – 21:12
What would you say about supporting long term missions? – 25:51

Resources mentioned in this episode.
Twitter – @joelteague
Facebook – Joel & Lydie
D6 Days

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