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ELN 009: Daniel Edwards

ELN 009: Daniel Edwards

Daniel Edwards was visiting our offices one afternoon and agreed to stick around for an interview. We talked to him about his start in ministry and the revitalization work at his church. Daniel is pastor of Faith Free Will Baptist Church in Chandler, IN. Daniel and his wife, Nicole have two children.


Notes from this show.

Tell us about your journey to Faith Church in Chandler, IN and what that has been like. – 00:57
What are some things you learned as a 22 year-old pastor that informs who you are now? – 2:44
Do you have any encouragement or suggestions for a young pastor who finds himself in a similar situation? – 3:55
What would you say to a congregant or congregation who has a young pastor? – 6:07
How can church leadership help a young pastor along? – 7:51
During the first five years what are some of the really important things you either did or your church did to really set the trajectory for what your experiencing now. – 9:20
Tell us about your connection to the community through addiction treatment. – 12:24
Faith Church seems to be involved in your city. Have you seen this as an effective way to plug into your community – 13:43
Have you seen the community turn to your church because it has become involved in the larger community? 17:12
Is there a point where you say this church is revitalized? – 20:23
How important it is for the church leaders outside of the pastor to function in a healthy way. – 23:09
What would you say to the pastor out there who is working with dysfunctional lay leadership? – 24:10
Are there things you would share with others about revitalization we need to remember? – 27:20
What is one practice that you have implemented in the last year? – 30:27

Resources mentioned in this episode.

Twitter – @pastor_daniel

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