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ELN 011: Jacob Riggs

ELN 011: Jacob Riggs

Jacob enjoys preaching God’s Word and shepherding the members at Central Oaks Church. Jacob Riggs has been on staff at Central Oaks since February of 2013 and has been the Lead Pastor since February 2015. Jacob studied Bible and Music at Welch College and completed a Master of Divinity Degree from SBTS. Jacob and his wife Lynsey have two daughters.

Tell us about yourself and how you came to live in Royal Oak. – 1:00
Can you tell us about your relationship with Tom McCullough? – 4:00
What are a few things that Tom taught you about leadership? – 5:26
What are some suggestions you might give to a church as they transition pastors 7:27
What are some lessons learned since you have been the lead pastor? 12:05
What are some misconceptions people might have of the pastorate? 16:41
How did you start making changes at your church? 19:03
What are some of the challenges and rewards you have experienced this year. – 21:46
Speak to your experiences as relatively young pastor in an established church – 25:20
What advice would you give to some seeking to do God’s will with their life? – 29:45
What is one thing you have implemented that has made you a better leader? – 33:05

Notes from this show. 



Listen to Jacob’s ENGAGE Free Will Baptist Conversation

Why is it even important to talk about denominations? – 1:39
What does the local Church need from the Denomination – 5:40
Does your family connection to the denomination play any role in your life? – 7:39
Do we can see denominations playing out with Paul and the Jerusalem Council – 10:15
What is something we could do as a denomination that would exciting to you. 13:35

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