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A Student Ministry Flash Mob

A Student Ministry Flash Mob

by Brandon Roysden
Yes, we know that 2013 called and wants its flash mobs back, but keep reading, and hopefully we can stretch an analogy to a level that only student ministers could be proud of (it’s just a joke…calm down).

The thing about flash mobs that made them entertaining was the public nature of the perceived spontaneity. Even though the breakout of a fun musical number in the middle of a large park might seem random, it was obviously the result of a great idea, some intentional planning, and a few (or many) willing participants. At ENGAGE, we believe those three characteristics may be the key to moving from isolation in ministry to being a part of something bigger than yourself.


Now we may be getting the cart before the horse, but as I travel, I often hear student ministry leaders bemoan the fact that they feel disconnected and isolated, so we happen to think that creating a network where people can go to get ideas, encouragement, and community makes a lot of sense. For now, this means a blog where various student ministry leaders share their thoughts, but in the future, we foresee events, training, and even collaboration as possible outflows of this new community.


For now, we are intentionally starting small. We want to know that you guys are interested. We want to create a platform for some of your voices who are doing great things with students, and we want to carefully plan out what ENGAGE will become as we hear feedback from you and listen to what you need from us.


As I mentioned before, in order for any network, association, community, etc. to work, it takes a group of people who don’t simply observe from a distance. It takes ambassadors. People who care about the whole in addition to their own individual lives and ministry. So we hope you’ll come along with us as we experience what God has in store. Help us create something that you can be proud of and be challenged by.

  1. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and new initiatives.
  2. Read What is ENGAGE? to understand exactly what we’re trying to do.
  3. Show up at events like the NAFWB National Convention or your local church meetings.
  4. Contribute. If you have something to say, be sure to comment or even submit a post of your own.
  5. Find someone older and someone younger than you and start meeting/talking with them regularly about life and leadership.
  6. Commit to being a part of the community. We won’t be perfect, and we won’t always have what you’re looking for, but commit to being a contributing member of something bigger than yourself.

FYI: There are currently no plans for an ENGAGE flash mob and ENGAGE does not endorse the planning and/or execution of any flash mob that you may think is a good idea but ends up going terribly wrong.


Here are a couple of our favorite Flash Mobs:

Brandon Roysden is the coordinator for the D6 Conference and serves as the Events Director for Randall House Publications. He is a former teacher and coach who has a heart for students and their families. Brandon and his wife Beth were married in 2005 and have two children, Ethan and Kate.

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