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A Community Is Born

A Community Is Born

by Brandon Roysden

It’s finally here. It’s time for the ENGAGE Leadership Network to launch and begin to create its culture and its community. In some ways, it all seems so anti-climactic. There is a website, and there are some articles, but ultimately, the vision for where this community can go is infinitely more exciting than where it will begin. But the beginning brings with it all the excitement that new things tend to bring.

We’re excited about the people who have agreed to be a part of providing articles in the coming months. We’re excited about sharing content and resources. We’re excited about the possibility of events, training, and mentorship that may come. But most of all, we’re excited about providing a platform for people and ideas.

We believe in the power of ideas. We believe God gives them to us as a way to reflect His image and do His work. We believe that there are still a great many stories and ideas that are yet to be shared, and we believe God has given us the opportunity to share them. So we hope that you will follow along. We hope that you will contribute. We hope that you will be involved in this online community as it grows and develops. And we hope that ultimately, God will raise up and equip leaders to build his kingdom through the efforts of the ENGAGE Leadership Network.

Here are some ways you can be involved:

  1. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates and new initiatives.
  2. Read What is ENGAGE? to understand exactly what we’re trying to do.
  3. Show up at events like the NAFWB National Convention or your local church meetings.
  4. Contribute. If you have something to say, be sure to comment or even submit a post of your own.
  5. Find someone older and someone younger than you and start meeting/talking with them regularly about life and leadership.
  6. Commit to being a part of the community. We won’t be perfect, and we won’t always have what you’re looking for, but commit to being a contributing member of something bigger than yourself.

Brandon Roysden is the coordinator for the D6 Conference and serves as the Events Director for Randall House Publications. He is a former teacher and coach who has a heart for students and their families. Brandon and his wife Beth were married in 2005 and have two children, Ethan and Kate.

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